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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Jurassic Park

There has been plenty of discussion about the validity of the scientific premises of this movie. Whether or not dino-DNA can be extracted from amber, or whether or not the colors and skin textures of the dinosaurs are right. All interesting biological questions. Additionally, a whole list of errors that occur in the movie can be found on the internet. The list lacks one small error in my opinion. In the movie, after their arrival at the park, the guests all go on an amusement-park like ride. During this ride, video screens explain how it is possible that the dinosaurs that roam the island were brought back to life. As Mr.DNA explains how dino-DNA might have found its way into the body of a mosquito, footage is shown of a mosquito being trapped by oozing sap. This sap will then turn into amber, preserving the mosquito and it’s last meal of dino-blood inside. The mosquito being trapped by the sap has pretty plume-shaped antennae however, showing that it is in fact a male. Male mosquitoes do not drink blood. Only the females drink blood to get the protein they need to lay their eggs. Males use their big plume-shaped antennae to find the females. So the Jurassic park scientists will be drilling for dino-DNA in vain with that particular specimen. It is a tiny error, and it is forgivable in the light of the fact that this short scene has probably taught more people about DNA than any education program! Go Mr. DNA!


  1. wow, how did you spot that???

  2. I didn´t- this was spotted by a friend of mine.

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